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Episode #12 Bernie Kerik & Marc Mukasey – 9/11 – Eddie Gallagher Case

By September 17, 2019No Comments

n this epic episode, Navy SEAL Motivational Speaker David ‘Rut’ Rutherford welcomes two American Patriots, Bernie Kerik and Marc Mukasey. Bernie Kerik is the former New York City Police Commissioner during our country’s most tragic day, September 11, 2001. He is also a tireless advocate for due process in the eternal fight against the broken judicial system. His most recent efforts were acting as team lead in the national story regarding the wrongfully accused, and now acquitted, Navy SEAL Eddie Gallagher. Bernie is responsible for assembling the all-star legal team, including Tim Parlatore and Marc Mukasey. Marc is one of President Trump’s personal attorneys, as well as an award-winning, high-profile, white collar crime defense attorney. Marc is also a former partner with Mayor Rudy Giuliani and is considered by many as one of the top defense attorneys in the country. In this incredible show, Rut, Bernie, and Marc reminisce about 9/11 and the profound impact it had on all of their lives. They also dig into the Eddie Gallagher case and the unfathomable injustices perpetrated by NCIS. Tune in for a monumental, patriotic experience.

Award winning Podcast Host, David Rutherford reignites his Froglogic Podcast by answering life’s greatest questions. Listen to this former Navy SEAL Medic, CIA Contractor, best-selling author, and World Series Champion motivational performance coach, give his unique and profound insight about the human condition.